Top 5 Must Do Things Now You Got Engaged


You said “Yes”. You told everyone you ran in to, starred at your ring for hours; before you wipe that grin on your face, it is time to do some initial planning before even having your engagement party. These are the five most essential things you should knock off right off the bat.



personal wedding website
Get a personal web space for your event

You might think it is crazy to get a wedding website this early, but it isn’t.  This is where you will gather all your information.  Some of it can be private only you can see, the rest you can share with your friends and family once you are ready to share.  This web space will be your virtual residence. Your planning ideas, your gift registry, your wish list, your checklist, guest list, budgeting, vendors… will all reside here.


Bridal Registry
Register for your wedding early

Yes, you read that right.  This is one of the very first things you must do even before sending out your invitations for the Engagement Party. “Why?” you ask?  Here is the lowdown.  From now until the wedding you will be having several parties.  Engagement, Bridal Shower, Girls’ Night Out and a few more in between.  Your friends and family may want to get you a gift at all these events; this is an easy place for them to find the perfect gift for you.  When you initially register, it doesn’t have to be the whole kit and caboodle; pick a few things that you would like to have down the road in your marriage.  Don’t pick the most expensive things yet, pick a few items that are less expensive and affordable for your friends and family.


Winter Wedding
Decide on the season first

No doubt everyone will be asking you if you have set a date yet as soon as the engagement news has spread.  There is no need to rush to set the exact date yet, it is next to impossible to just pick a date off the top.  Think about this, an average engagement over one year; narrow it down to a season that you prefer.


Wedding Style
Pick your wedding style

Have you ever imagined what your wedding day would be like? Well it’s time!  Is it an outdoor wedding in the garden or barefoot on the beach, a traditional church wedding, or, do you still fancy the fairy tale wedding in a castle?  Whether it be classic, romantic, glamorous, ultra modern, old Hollywood vintage or shabby chic rustic, take a moment to decide.  Keep your ears and eyes open for inspiration.


To be continued…

Once you’ve decided on the above five essentials, you can move on to other things on your wedding to do list.

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